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This is the one county in Texas that hasn't had a COVID-19 case confirmed

Loving County is the least-densely populated in the continental U.S. and has just 134 residents.

On Wednesday, King County, which is west of Fort Worth, reported its first confirmed case of coronavirus.

That means 253 out of 254 counties in Texas have had at least one case of coronavirus.

The one without a case: Loving County.

It's located on the Texas-New Mexico border east of El Paso and has a population of just 134 people.

In fact, Loving County is the least densely populated county in the continental U.S.

Since tracking began, Loving County residents have done just eight COVID-19 tests.

Only one county — in Alaska — has fewer residents.

Two other counties in the U.S. have not had any coronavirus cases, according to USA Today

Those counties are Esmeralda County in Nevada. and Skagway in Alaska, which is technically called a “borough’’ rather than a “county.’’


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