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Brain fog, hair loss, heart damage: Meet the long haulers who suffer from COVID-19 for months, lack treatment options

About 10% of people who become sick from the novel coronavirus suffer long-term symptoms, a study found. This is a look at their fight for recognition and treatment.

William Joy (WFAA)

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Published: 9:45 PM CST November 12, 2020
Updated: 5:41 PM CST November 13, 2020

Much of the science around COVID-19 remains to be discovered, and one of its greatest mysteries is how those infected can suffer often debilitating symptoms for weeks and months.

The long-term battle can include a wide range of problems from hair loss to constant fatigue, breathing problems, memory lapses, sudden heart rate changes, and more.

As the virus first swept the country, the issues were ignored and dismissed by the doctors, friends and families of those suffering.

Now survivors are working to support and guide each other, and bring awareness to an under-reported part of COVID, which likely impacts hundreds of thousands of people across the country.

In the coming days, WFAA will share the stories of people across North Texas who continue to struggle with the virus’s long-term impact and fight to be recognized.

And we’ll share the journey of doctors trying to learn why long-hauling happens.

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