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Health experts pleading with public to stop violating 'stay-at-home' orders

Health experts warn people they could be infecting others by continuing to violate social distancing orders and flocking to parks and parties.

People are still packing parks and gathering in large groups even though they’ve been ordered not to do it.

 A WFAA crew witnessed people playing football and basketball games.

They may think it's safe, health experts say it's not. 

"The thing about this virus that is unique and very concerning is there is a long incubation period of time when people may have the disease and they have no idea that they have it,” said Dr. Jill Waggoner, Family Medicine.

Someone could be a carrier for up to 14 days and not know it.

One person can spread COVID-19 to two people, and then those two people can spread it to two others, and so on until thousands are infected. 

“We think, oh well, my friends they haven't been very many places. But they may have come in contact with another person who has it,” Dr. Waggoner said. 

That's why local authorities have ordered people to stay home. If you do have to go out, then you should stay six feet apart from people. 

Also, health experts say you shouldn't invite people into your home.

"If you care about those people, you want to keep them safe. If you care about them, you want to make sure you are not the one who endangers them in anyway,” said Dr. Waggoner. 

Due to so many people still violating the orders in Fort Worth, the City took down basketball hoops. Some cities have also closed parks and popular places. 

The next few weeks are critical and officials are pleading with the public to do their part to stop the spread by staying home.

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