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Dallas fire station receives donated AC units from local company

Mr. Restore donated air conditioning units for one station's bedroom. The local Fire Fighters Association president says it's been a problem for many stations.

DALLAS — When calls come in, the team at Mr. Restore are ready to respond.

Last week, the Krodle Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping firefighters, reached out to the company for help. Clint Junell, cofounder of Mr. Restore, said, "They reached out to us directly and said Station 24 in Dallas is having some problems with AC units."

With high temperatures every day, Junell didn't hesitate. He said his team delivered two portable air conditioning units at no charge to the fire station.

 "The air going into the unit is going to start at what we consider 100 degrees. So we are able to knock the temperature in the environment down per 1,000 square foot per unit to about 75 degrees," said Junell.

According to Dallas Fire Fighters Association President Jim McDade, the City of Dallas brought two units when the AC went out in Station 24's bedrooms. He said Mr. Restore's donation of an additional two units helped cool it down even more. 

"We're very thankful for people like Mr. Restore to come in and help out whenever it's needed," said McDade.

McDade confirms Station 24's air conditioning unit has since been fixed and is scheduled to get a whole system replacement soon. 

While he's glad this problem was resolved quickly, he said maintenance at fire stations across the city is an ongoing problem every year. Other fire stations have had no cool air in previous summers too. 

"For years, we've had nothing but problems with building services," said McDade.

For now, Station 24 can turn off Mr. Restore's portable units, but Junell and his team are ready to help the next department who needs it. 

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