The fires rage through Palo Pinto County and its effects are far-reaching. Especially for a little family, fireworks stand 45 minutes away from the fires in Parker County.

"It'll come through. It always comes through," said Mike Aldav of New River Fellowship in Hudson Oaks. Aldava said what gets sold on the shelf on Fourth of July would help 17 church members get to Kenya for a missions trip. "We're donating all our proceeds for a missions trip this year," Mike said.

The missions trip to Kenya is being organized through New River Fellowship Church in Hudson Oaks. But with local burn bans and disaster declarations people have not been buying fireworks. In fact, they've only made 1/10 of the what they normally get selling fireworks. Barring any local and state restrictions. the public can set off fireworks all year, but fireworks can only be sold 20 days out of the year.

"We're called to do something and it falls a little bit short. It feels a little bit disappointing," he said.

Aldava says the group has not lost faith. The missions to Kenya in August will happen. Mike says people were still coming to the fireworks even at the last-minute on Fourth of July stand just to donate. If you'd like to help the missions team there is a Facebook page.