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As first day of school approaches, North Texas students discuss a year of sacrifices

WFAA spoke to students who are readying themselves for a semester far different from what they dreamed. They are eager to do what it takes to return to "normal."

DALLAS — As we enter this school year, it the great unknown. We have plans, but no student, parent or teacher can really say what’s next. So as you ready your kid's supplies, we recommend you ready their minds by listening to how their feeling about this new semester.

"I have a grandmother and I don’t want to risk getting the virus and giving it to her," said sophomore Sophia Blocker. 

She's doing blended learning at Sunnyvale High School this fall, mainly because she needs in-person help with math. Everything else about her school year comes down to sacrifices. Blocker's most worried about losing her chance to play varsity sports. 

"If I don’t get to play this year, I’ll be really sad," she said. "I’ll even be content with a shortened soccer season, so that’s how I feel on the subject."

Eighth grader Michaela Brock of Harry Stone Montessori misses her friends.

"I’m pretty sure the students are more worried about having a social life, because they’ve been talking to their friends online for so long, and they just want to see their friends face to face, in person," she said.

Brock is honest with her feelings -- this isn't the school year she's hoped for. 

"All in all this year has been terrible, as we can all agree," she said. "I just want to get good grades, do good on my work, and pass eighth grade."

These kids are as exasperated as the rest of us, but they’re still motivated.

"We want to get this pandemic over with as much as the next adult or person in charge," said Blocker. "We miss going to social events, we miss the football games. We miss having parties and dances." 

To get back inside routines and rooms where they thrive, these two are happy to follow the rules.

"Wearing the masks, social distancing, washing our hands, things like that!" said Blocker.

To know your student’s perspective on how they approach the year can be as helpful as any school supply. In a semester sure to build character thanks to the unknown.