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Will hiring managers see your social media channels as lackluster?

Some educators are trying to help students improve their social media branding for college recruiters and hiring managers.

TEXAS, USA — There are classrooms full of students and only so much time in the day. It’s hard for teachers to squeeze in anything more. It would be great, though, if there was space in that crowded day to wedge in ‘Money 101’ because a lot of us don’t pick up that crucial knowledge early and we learn those financial lessons the hard way as we go through life. 

One part of that is social media. We often hear about what a drag that can be on our kids’ success. But social media platforms are also the spaces where a lot of jobs get posted, a lot of recruiting gets done, and where employers really learn about you.

One social recruiting platform found that 92% of companies they asked last year told them they use social media and professional networks for recruiting. 62% of them reportedly post all of their job openings on social media. 

Also, among the employers they surveyed, LinkedIn came in as the second most popular channel for recruiters. They listed Facebook as number one platform for that. They found that significant percentages of employers are also checking you out on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Social media branding being taught to North Texas high schoolers

So, they couldn’t fit it into that packed school day, but the Plano Area Alliance of Black School Educators is having a Saturday seminar for high school students (from anywhere) that they’re calling ‘Power of a Post’. The gathering will be at 9 a.m. Aug. 27 at the Plano ISD Sockwell Center. 

They plan to bring in speakers like the corporate social responsibility manager from the Dallas Mavericks to talk to kids about how to brand themselves on social media so they can get the likes that matter from people like college scouts, and eventually, hiring managers. Click here for more information and to register for the event.

How to look more professional on social media

Of course, not every student can make it to a seminar in Plano on a Saturday morning...and this information is pertinent to many adults as well. So, here are some best practices to improve your professional profile on social media: 

  • Represent yourself like you really want to be seen by others.
  • Without looking like you are gloating, celebrate your successes publicly on your platforms.
  • Delete prior posts that aren’t flattering.
  • Share and create quality content regularly (if you only get on there every six months, algorithms may not put you in front of very many online eyeballs).
  • Include more than just text. One study found that content with relevant photos or infographics can increase your page views by 94% compared to posts without visuals. 
  • When you meet someone who seems like a promising professional fit with you, connect with (and occasionally interact with) them on those social networks because you never know when they might be able to help you, or vice versa. So often opportunities are about who you know. 

Click here for more best practices on standing out on social media when searching for a job.

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