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Pressed Roots creates inclusive salon business model for women with textured hair

Pressed Roots is a silk blowout bar that focuses on providing a pampered and luxury experience for women of color.

Dallas salon owner Piersten Gaines is hoping to take the guesswork out of that next salon experience, especially for women with textured hair. 

Pressed Roots is a blowout bar, and while the business model isn't an entirely new concept, Gaines decided to make it more inclusive for women with all hair textures.

"Figuring out what to do with my hair was always a issue," Gaines said. "When I was in ninth grade, all my hair fell out."

While attending business school at Harvard, Gaines eventually turned that hair mishap into a concept that started off with pop-ups in large cities across the country and evolved into a thriving business model.

"That's when I first learned about the blowout bar experience and the idea hit me, that if all of these women could do textured hair, it would be such an amazing business model," she added.

Pressed Roots is designed to be a luxury express salon for women of color. And it just recently launched its flagship salon in Dallas on March 11.

Credit: Pressed Roots

Gaines said she noticed that while black women spend so much money on hair, they don't have a lot of quality services. 

"It is a place that is built to pamper, it is built for you to feel special, for you to feel relaxed," Gaines said.  "A lot of the places that had that luxury experience weren't made with us in mind. We want this to be a place that women of color knew that this is a place for them."

Her main goal is to ensure women of color with textured hair have a trusted chain of salons they can visit in major cities across America.

In the next two years, she plans to open up three more locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

To learn more about the salon, click here.

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