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Grand Prairie dog breaks out of home, steals sandwich, turns to life of crime

Caught on camera: Kenjar Williams' daughter just wanted a sandwich -- but his neighbor's dog made sure that wasn't going to happen.

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas — Kenjar Williams' daughter Zuri just wanted to have a sandwich delivered for lunch. But when she went to grab her food from the front porch of her family's Grand Prairie home, her delivery order was suspiciously nowhere to be found. 

Williams told WFAA in an email that his daughter initially believed the delivery guy had swiped her Subway sandwich. Then, though, the family decided to check for footage from their doorbell camera.

And that's when the shocking truth was revealed: It was a neighborhood dog that had done the dirty deed.

But how?

Here's the story Williams discovered upon taking it upon himself to investigate the curious incident: "[Our] neighbor was moving furniture and didn't realize their dog Marshmallow had gotten out of the house." 

Seems the dog, named Marshmallow, made a daring escape from its house and immediately took to a life of crime, using its newfound freedom to get its paws on the very first sandwich it came across, and swiping the food for its own.

It's just too bad for Marshmallow -- the cutest porch pirate of them all, really --that it was all caught on tape.

And what sentence did Marshmellow receive for the crime? 

Well, not much of any at all, it turns out. As soon as the Williams' neighbors were informed of their dog's crime, they immediately offered to buy a new sandwich for Williams' daughter. 

Ultimately, though, he declined the offer, as he felt the video his doorbell cam captured had already got him more than his money's worth.

Said Williams: "We all got a good laugh out of it."