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Y'all, we're sorry ... but the Original Chicken Crispers at Chili's are gone. Removed from the menu.

The staple has been on the menu since the early 1990s.

DALLAS — There isn't much quite like learning a childhood food staple of yours is gone forever. 

People are not happy about this: Texas Chili's has discontinued its Original Chicken Crispers (gasp).

For the Chili's hardcore fans, you've probably known about this for a while. Chili's tweeted in late October that the original chicken crispers were basically on their way out, with the clarification that the crispy and honey-chipotle crispers were here to stay.

Chili's tweeted about its menu omission again as a retweet to a report from the TODAY show, which cited Dallas Morning News reporter Sarah Blaskovich, who first reported the news on Dec. 8.

No batter, I mean matter ... those who could not let the decision fly made their voices heard.

"Give Me Original Chicken Crispers or Give Me Death," wrote one user in response to the news.

There has even been a change.org petition started to bring them back.

Chili's, which started in Dallas in 1975, started with a goal of $100 per day and have since grown to making $3.5 billion in a fiscal quarter. WFAA spoke with the founder of Chili's back in July. You can check out that story here.

They picked the name Chili's because they had chili on the menu, and they figured "it was something people would talk about," the owner told WFAA.

The spot quickly became a destination for a post-work burger and drink, then later added the staple Original Chicken Crispers we all grew to love.

R.I.P., OG C.C.'s. You'll be dearly missed.

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