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#UpWithHer: Mompreneur expands business and family during the pandemic

Corrie Courville expanded her spa from 200 to 200,000 square feet in three days.

DALLAS — Glow up, scale up or upgrade! On social media, motivation is not in short supply. In real life, knowing how to transform your business or idea takes more than a hashtag.

Corrie Courville expanded her spa from two hundred to two-thousand square feet in three days. She says conquering mental hurdles will set you up for long term success.

"You cannot treat your face like a flip flop and expect it to look like a Louboutin," says Corrie Courville.

Corrie Courville has a charming way of reminding client’s skincare is self-care. 

"We want to get everyone to a “core four”, cleanser, serum, eye crème, moisturizer. If you can give me 4-5 minutes with four effective products every morning and night. I do my part in the treatment room, we’re a team!" says Courville. 

Courville owns Beauty Balance Esthetics Day Spa; the relaxation room is part of her recent expansion.  

"We could help five to six people at a time instead of me just solo and then eventually nights and weekends with my family would be desirable as I’ve progressed eleven to twelve years into my career," says Courville. 

Long term goals, a healthy customer base and proven brand loyalty helped her decide to take a risk.  

"You can do it without a four-year degree, without investors, without a trust fund. I’m a mom with kids, solo. I have a supportive family, but all those things’ people may think are holding them back are really more mental hurdles," says Courville. 

Including the reality of additional sacrifice.  

"We moved back over here knowing that a commute an hour each way would be a strain on family time, and I would need to be here five or six days a week initially," says Courville.  

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Courville says your investment needs to be bigger than a buildout.  

"So far, the synergy of marketing, PR, the Google analytics, and ads; there’s a whole lot on the back end that I thought I knew about but I’m learning a whole lot more about and the synergy of how it all comes together. I’ve been learning a lot about business development and self-development and coaching so, while I’m growing them, I’m doing a monumental amount of self-development as well so I can better lead them," says Courville. 

But her business isn’t the only thing growing.

"Thirteen weeks! Yes, I decided like a crazy person to grow my business and grow my family during a pandemic," says Courville. 

She’s ambitious but Courville is not crazy, she is prepping for maternity leave. 

"I’ve done this before; I already have two kids. I’ve been running my business for quite some time so, you plan.  So, you prepay up your business overhead in advance, you prepay a little more on each bill constantly," says Courville. 

In addition to planning, Corrie encourages ‘mompreneurs’ to coach your staff. 

"The ability to delegate and just trust has come with hand training them, who better than someone I have hand trained," says Courville. 

Creating a consistent and healthy footprint in the community.  

Courville says she manages family, business, and self-care by breaking her day into 15-minute segments; instead of music on her drive to and from work she listens to audio books and podcasts on self-development. 

You can learn more about Corrie Courville and her team by visiting their website. 

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