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A Dallas museum was closed for the day. Then Mick Jagger knocked on the door

The Rolling Stones front man has been the toast of Dallas this week.

DALLAS — Jennifer Monet Cowley was working at the African-American Museum of Dallas on Monday, hanging an exhibit, when she heard a knock on the front door. It was an older man with a British accent, curious to get a look inside.

"Is the museum closed today?" he asked.

It was, the employees told him, as it is every Monday. But this time, they made an exception.

Sometimes it helps to be Mick Jagger.

The Rolling Stones front man was already the toast of Dallas this week. Not only did the Stones rock a rainy Cotton Bowl on Tuesday night, Jagger made a point to see the city ahead of his show, posting several pictures on social media. One of those pictures was from the African-American Museum near the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park.

The story behind Jagger's museum visit is even cooler.

When Jagger arrived, he was wearing a mask, but one employee, Charka Jones, suspected it was him. Then he pulled his mask down and gave a smirk. That's when Jones knew for sure.

Jagger introduced himself to Cowley as "Mick," and Cowley even thought he looked like Jagger. But no way, right? It couldn't be the Mick, could it?

"My immediate thought was, 'He looks just like Mick Jagger,'" Cowley said. "But was like, 'No, that cannot be.'" 

Cowley took Jagger on a tour, and Jagger kept smiling. So Cowley asked him, "What did you say your name was again?

"Mick," he said, and that's when it hit Cowley.

If that moment wasn't surreal enough, Cowley, a local artist and fashion designer, offered Jagger and his team custom shirts. 

Credit: Jennifer Monet Cowley
The custom shirt Jennifer Monet Cowley gifted Mick Jagger.

Jagger's gift in return? He said he'd connect Cowley with his stylist, and he also offered her two VIP tickets to Tuesday night's show. 

At the Cotton Bowl, Cowley watched in awe as the 78-year-old Jagger, who she saw at the museum the day before, rocked the stage.

"It was simply amazing," Cowley said of Tuesday night's concert. "Just phenomenal. I can't believe I was there."

Credit: Jennifer Monet Cowley
Jennifer Monet Cowley enjoying the Rolling Stones concert at the Cotton Bowl on Tuesday night.

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