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Drive-by kindness: This North Texas coffee shop has more TikTok followers than Starbucks

They have 5.4 million followers on TikTok and have gone viral due to their "drive-by kindness" videos.

DALLAS — If I asked you what the most-followed companies on TikTok are ... what would you guess? 

Surely, a few of the biggest brands come to mind: McDonald's, Starbucks, Nike, Disney ... the list could go on and on. But what if I told you none of those had as many followers as a coffee shop based here in Dallas?

Dallas' own La La Land Kind Cafe, with 5.4 million followers, has more than 2 million followers more than several iconic companies. Disney comes in second with 3.1 million followers. Nike has 2.2 million, McDonald's has 2.1 million, and its coffee competitor Starbucks has 1.7 million. 

So, how did this Texas-based small business rise to TikTok's mountain top? 

La La Land Kind Cafe has gone viral due to its "drive-by kindness" videos.

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You can watch them spread the love on their account here


we couldn’t stop smiling after meeting the last guy 🥺💛 / drive-by kindness ep.60 #drivebykindness #normalizekindness #spreadkindness #bekind #fyp

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WFAA profiled La La Land Kind Cafe last year. The founders of La La Land Kind Café told WFAA that they believe success is measured by the positive impact they make on society.

“We just hopped in a car thinking it’d be fun complimenting people,” La La Land Kind Café CEO and Founder Francois Reihani told WFAA in 2021. “We didn’t think millions and millions of people would see that as such an insane thing.”

For more on the background story of La La Land Kind Cafe, click here.


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