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'1883,' a Fort Worth-filmed 'Yellowstone' prequel, is here. Get ready to go back in time

If you look closely, you might just recognize some locations in and around Fort Worth, where the series was filmed.

FORT WORTH, Texas — Get ready to go back in time, Fort Worth-style.

"1883," the "Yellowstone" prequel set in the 19th Century, will debut Sunday on Paramount Plus.

And if you look closely, you might just recognize some locations in and around Fort Worth, where the series was filmed.

Not familiar with "1883" but watch "Yellowstone"? Never heard of either one? 

Let's help you out.

Here's what you need to know before Sunday's premiere: 

How can I watch "1883"? 

The first two episodes of "1883" will be made available on the streaming service Paramount Plus on Sunday. While an official drop time hasn't been released, Decider noted that Paramount typically drops new episodes around 2 a.m. Central Time.

Unlike "Yellowstone," which airs on cable, "1883" will be a streaming-only show. And sorry, binge-watchers, you won't get all the episodes at once. But two isn't a bad start.

Where was "1883" filmed?

If you remember a few months ago, back to this summer, the "1883" crew spent extensive time filming in the Fort Worth Stockyards. The show has also filmed in areas outside of Fort Worth and in Montana. 

And it wasn't all for show. The New York Times had an update on the show this week, explaining some of the more grueling filming sessions in the Texas heat and Montana cold. 

“It is without a doubt, and Tim will say this as well, the most physically and mentally challenging thing we have ever done,” Faith Hill, one of the stars of "1883," told The Times. “It is a beautiful portrayal but I mean, it’s real.”

How is "1883" connected to "Yellowstone"? 

"1883" is a prequel to the wildly popular "Yellowstone," which is set in modern-day Montana and follows the Dutton family's efforts to keep a hold on their sprawling ranch.

"1883" will chronicle how the Duttons got to Montana in the first place.

The show will follow the Duttons of the 1880s "as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America," the Paramount website promises. 

Who is in the cast of "1883"? 

Show creator Taylor Sheridan, a native Texan, has a knack for drawing big names to his projects. Kevin Costner stars in "Yellowstone." 

And "1883" has a lineup fit for a Western: Country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will star as the Duttons, and Sam Elliott will play the role of Shea Brennan, a trail boss. 

And if you're wondering what a trail boss is, then you'll just have to watch the show.

Other notable cast members include Billy Bob Thornton (Marshal Jim Courtright), Isabel May (Elsa Dutton) and LaMonica Garrett (Thomas).

Is there another "Yellowstone" prequel in the mix? 

Yes, and it also involves Texas.

Paramount has announced a spinoff about the Four Sixes Ranch in West Texas, which has had a prominent role on this season of "Yellowstone." 

We don't know much about the show or when it will debut. But it seems to be a natural fit in the "Yellowstone" universe. There's the present-day tie-in, as the Four Sixes, which is still an operating ranch, is the new home of "Yellowstone" character Jimmy. 

Then there's the origin of the Four Sixes, whose founder, Capt. Samuel "Burk" Burnett, began working the land in 1870. Could the "1883" crew cross paths with Burnett?


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