As the Cowboys' offense struggled against the Panthers on Sunday afternoon, Dez Bryant was live-tweeting the action.

Yes, as bizarre as that sounds, Bryant – who remains unsigned after the Cowboys released him in the offseason – joined in on the Twitter fun during the first NFL Sunday of the year.

He offered his thoughts on the Redskins, NFL Ticket, and Cam Newton's touchdown run against the Cowboys. Naturally, as the Dallas offense limped through the first half, a fan tweeted Bryant, begging him to come back to the Cowboys.

Bryant responded: "Naw I'm ok...I rather go somewhere I can show case my skills for real..."

If he played alongside Rob Gronkowski, Chris Hogan or Julian Edelman on the Patriots, Bryant tweeted, "I'm sure for sure getting a 1 on 1 match up plus I won't be getting criticized controlled for expressing my love for the game...Washington is cool as well."

But don't take that as Bryant's pitch for playing in Washington or New England. He flatly rejected that notion when WFAA's Mike Leslie pointed it out. Or say he says...🤔.

Bryant later tweeted that after Sunday he'll be "done talking about the Cowboys."

"If I try to say something always turned out to be negative plus I don't want it to seem that's where I'm focused I know the team well so it's hard not for me to speak...all I ever cared about was winning."

Oh, and one more thing...