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Could Odell Beckham Jr. join the Cowboys? WFAA confirms talks are underway

How are fans taking the news? Some people are hopeful about it, while others have doubts.

DALLAS — The rumor is true! A source from the Dallas Cowboys confirmed with WFAA that Odell Beckham Jr. has been the topic of conversation for the team.

Word has been getting around on social media that the free agent wide receiver could be joining the Cowboys. WFAA's Mike Leslie got confirmation from a source close to the team that they're interested in Beckham Jr., but no plans are official.

"At this point, it's just talk. But the talk is indeed happening," Leslie said on social media.

The WFAA team has been watching everyone's replies to the idea of Beckham Jr. joining the Dallas Cowboys. Here's a summary of what most of you are saying:

#1: This is just something to keep the Cowboys relevant during bye week.

A lot of people that saw Mike Leslie's posts about Odell Beckham Jr. have serious doubts about the team actually considering him.

One Twitter user said he won't believe it until Beckham Jr. officially joins the team.

Another person calls Cowboys owner Jerry Jones "the ultimate carnival barker," saying it's a rumor that's meant to keep talking about the team during bye week.

Under Leslie's Facebook post, another person denies it, saying Beckham Jr. was seen in the New York Giants office on Saturday.

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There's already a split between the believers and the deniers, but the group of believers is even more divided. One side of the group is practically breathing down Jerry Jones' neck to sign Beckham Jr. immediately. 

One Twitter user made his message plain and simple:

Others say adding him would be beneficial for the Cowboys. A person on Facebook bluntly responds, "Why not? We need a body!"

Other fans (for Cowboys and/or OBJ) are now begging the man over the team -- and even "the man upstairs" -- to make things official.

#3: DON'T DO IT!

Some fans aren't a fan of OBJ saddling up with the Cowboys, and they're listing a few reasons why.

One Facebook user doesn't think it'll make a difference for the team, saying, "They'll still lose when the competition gets tough."

Others say the team would've been better if they didn't trade Amari Cooper

Some are a little more straightforward with their reactions, whether it's through their words or memes:

While the conversation is official, keep in mind that's it's just a conversation at this point. We'll see if that conversation turns into a contract.

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