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Study: Dallas Cowboys to have more bandwagon fans during playoffs than any NFL team

That headline alone might have you scratching your head, but the reasons why are more in-your-face than you'd think.

DALLAS — Playoff season is approaching, and after that sloppy loss to the Washington Commanders, many people are questioning how the Dallas Cowboys will do.

According to one study, though, that won't stop people from jumping on the bandwagon and supporting the team for now.

Sportsbook website NJ.bet held a nationwide survey of 1,100 NFL fans who regularly watched football and asked them their opinions on bandwagon fans. Based on the survey, the study said the Cowboys have the most bandwagon fans right now, and they're expected to grow the most in 2023.

The reason why is arguably the true definition of bandwagon behavior. 

The other teams' last-minute supporters show up for things like their star players or them being from a popular city like New York or Los Angeles. Some people also switch jerseys to root for a team that's just doing better than others at the moment.

The Cowboys, however, are expected to get bandwagoners mainly because of their team colors and their logo. In other words, they'll get more supporters just because they look good.

Out of the top 15 teams with the largest bandwagons, only the Cowboys and the Las Vegas Raiders were listed with "fashionable team colors/logos" as their main reason why.

One star player could also pull in some extra fans in time for playoff season. According to the study, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has the fourth-largest bandwagon following for a quarterback.

Prescott's was listed behind Tom Brady (of course), Patrick Mahomes, and Aaron Rodgers when it comes to newfound fans, but he does beat out big names like Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson.

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