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What are the Mavs trying to tell us with this cryptic ‘41.21.1’ tweet?

This tweet had Mavs fans theorizing Monday afternoon.

The Dallas Mavericks’ official Twitter account threw MFFLs into a tizzy Monday afternoon, just hours before Dirk Nowitzki’s likely ascension to No. 6 on the NBA all-time scoring list.

The tweet consisted of just three numbers [and one emoji]: 41.21.1.

The 41 and 21 are obvious – the greatest player in franchise history wears No. 41, and has played an NBA record 21 seasons with the Mavs. 

But is the 1 simply that, a nod to the one team with which he’s played the entirety of his storied career? It’s possible, but one could argue that would be a bit redundant, especially ahead of an anticipated bit of history.

What else could it mean? One championship? His one MVP award? The fact that Dirk is a singular talent? One more season??

Maybe it was just a publicity stunt (they had been promoting Monday's game – their last home game before three straight on the road – heavily on Twitter). 

If they just wanted to generate buzz, it worked. The cryptic tweet had fans theorizing: