Dallas Cowboys defensive backs... are not good at lacrosse.

Safety jeff heath, and newly-minted (again) cornerback Byron Jones learned the game from the new Dallas Rattlers on Monday.

It didn't go very well. Just watch the video above for proof.

Jones move to cornerback, though, figures to go better. He has played the position before, but his return does come with some changes.

"Technique-wise, you're out there by yourself. You're on an island," Jones said. "I gotta work quick steps, no more long striding. And just going up and attacking the ball in the air."

New Cowboys defensive backs coach Kris Richard used to be the defensive coordinator in Seattle. So could the Cowboys use 6-foot now-corner Byron Jones, the same way the Seahawks used to use Richard Sherman?

"I spoke to Richard about it," Jones said. "And he said 'you never want to try to look at a different corner and try to emulate that person'. Everyone's different. You can't copy what someone else does, and try to make it work for you. You have to find what works for yourself."

And the first target on Byron's list -- turnovers.

"That's one thing that has frustrated me over my career, is just not making the plays I want to in terms of interceptions. So that's been my focus in the offseason, that's what I've been working on."

Just hope that work goes better than the work he did on Monday, with a lacrosse stick in his hand.