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Briles "no shows" on rape victim apology

A law firm representing one of the many Baylor sexual assault victims says former Baylor head coach Art Briles "no showed" for what was supposed to be a chance for Briles to apologize to the victim.

Baylor student Jazmin Hernandez -- the victim in the Tevin Elliott case -- was scheduled to meet with Briles on Thursday morning. According to Hernandez's lawyers "Briles was going to apologize to her and would be supportive."

Instead, the Zalkin Law Firm says Briles reached an agreement with Baylor to settle his contract with the university, and then did not show up for the meeting.

"His failure to show up adds insult to injury and left her feeling even more betrayed.” said Zalkin.

"We were shocked when Briles didn't show to the mediation after promising to come and support Jasmin and her family," Hernandez's lawyer Susan Hutchinson said, "until we heard on the news that he had settled with Baylor.”

The lawsuit surrounding Hernandez' case is ongoing.

Disclaimer: ordinarily we do not identify sexual assault victims, but Hernandez has voluntarily made herself known to the public, in her legal battles against Baylor.

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