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Dale's Extra Point: 2020 won't let us up, but I'm supposed to care about the Cowboys defense?

Previous events, "as bad as they were, shocked us, but then we moved on as we always do."

DALLAS — Now I'm not old enough to have lived through every year -- there are several years in our country's history much worse -- but I am 72 and 2020 is far and away the worst year I have ever lived through.

And I've lived through some bad ones.

Almost any year in the 60s is a contender: the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, the war in Vietnam. 

But the summer of '68 is probably the worst one until now. Dr. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were killed. There were riots in Chicago during the Democratic convention, which led to the election of Richard Nixon.

He was forced to resign from the presidency in '74. Oh, there are a lot of contenders.

Now almost all of those events, as bad as they were, shocked us, but then we moved on as we always do. 

But the pandemic of 2020 won't let us up. A civil war in America is not just something in a history book anymore and not as far fetched as it has always seemed to be.

Ask the governor of Michigan.

And I'm supposed to be concerned about that Dallas Cowboys defense? 

Yeah, 2020 is the worst I've seen, but then I'm only 72.


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