Children are being taken from their parents who are attempting to cross the border either illegally or seeking asylum. There is growing public outcry about what is happening at the border.

"It's very very heartbreaking,” said Julio Acosta with DFW Lideres. The children are going to detention facilities, including a Mega Shelter in Brownsville that used to be an old Walmart Supercenter.

There is staunch opposition growing against the policy. Even one of President Trump's staunchest supporters, Evangelical Franklin Graham is speaking out.

"I think it's disgraceful and terrible to see families ripped apart and I don't support it one bit,” said Graham.

A small group of reporters and some lawmakers were allowed to tour the mega shelter without cameras. The Department of Health and Human Services released video they shot. About 1,500 boys are being kept at the facility.

Civil rights groups are demanding the administration stop doing this.

"Right now our demands are to reunite children with their families and for their to be congressional oversight of these centers until children are reunited with their families,” said Acosta.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the zero-tolerance policy is meant to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. Sessions says if parents don't want to be separated from their children, they should not come across the border illegally.

At the White House press briefing Thursday, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called the President's policy "biblical."

“I can say that it was very biblical to enforce the law," she said. "That is actually repeated numerous times across the bible."

More than 300 Catholic Bishops from across the U.S. issued a joint statement calling the policy immoral.