Judge Elizabeth Davis Frizell has filed a lawsuit against her opponent in the Democratic Primary race for Dallas County District Attorney.

The lawsuit is seeking that the election against Former Dallas County State District Judge John Creuzot "be declared void as it is impossible to ascertain the true result."

Frizell, who stepped down from the bench one year ago to run for DA, also raises concerns over an ongoing Dallas County investigation into possible voter fraud.

In the lawsuit, Frizell alleges that "ineligible, illegal and fraudulent mail in ballots" were included in the total vote count that could have changed the results. The lawsuit states Creuzot achieved a slim victory of a 589 vote difference in the total count, Creuzot receiving 56,645 votes and Frizell with 56,056.

As Elections Office workers were preparing for early voting, another alleged voter fraud scheme surfaced. Some voters in communities like West Dallas and Oak Cliff alleged their signatures were forged on mail-in ballot applications, or voters received mail-in ballots which they never requested. The current DA’s office filed a lawsuit, back in February, asking the court’s permission to sequester some applications for mail ballots. About 1200 applications are being examined.

Last week, Frizell had been considering a recount.

"I would just like to see how many are fraudulent ballots, and whether or not that may have affected my race," Frizell said in March.

The lawsuit addresses alleged problems happened on March 6th primary: several voting machines at polling locations malfunctioning, ballots were illegally harvested by Creuzot's campaign workers, ballots were not secured during the counting process.

Frizell is also requesting the ballots also be made available for review, inspection and copying.