WACO, Texas -- The Waco Police Department responded to a bizarre 911 call around 11 p.m. Friday.

Officers said they responded to a restaurant drive-thru because a customer was mad her chicken nuggets were not cooked quickly enough and wanted to know why she could not get them for free.

"Yes, we went on this call. No, she did not get them for free," Waco Police said in a Facebook post. "Yes we actually tied up two officers on this call."

Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton declined to identify the specific fast food joint, but he said it was on the far west side of Waco.

"Management worked with her, gave [the customer] her money back, and we asked her to move along," Sgt. Swanton said.

The lesson here...use 911 services for true emergencies. That way, police can focus their efforts on keeping us all safe.