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Is 'Yellowstone' about to get even more Texas? McConaughey rumored in, Costner out

A "Yellowstone" shakeup is reportedly in the works.

DALLAS — No current show loves a good bit of family drama quite like "Yellowstone," Paramount's wildly popular modern-day Western series.

Now the show apparently has some drama developing off screen.

Deadline broke the news Monday that the show's headline star, Kevin Costner, is heading for an exit over "disagreements over shooting schedules."

Costner reportedly wanted to cut back on the number of days he's shooting scenes for "Yellowstone," a decision that's been a "source of frustration" for show creator Taylor Sheridan, Deadline reported.

The long and short of the drama is this: Costner's time as "Yellowstone" patriarch John Dutton - and perhaps "Yellowstone" as a series - might be coming to an end soon, according to Deadline.

And ready for this? The replacement, if the reports are true, could be a new spinoff series with Matthew McConaughey in a leading role.

A Paramount spokesperson declined to comment on Costner, but told Deadline that McConaughey "is a phenomenal talent with whom we'd love to partner."

It's also not hard to imagine McConaughey stepping into the "Yellowstone" universe. He would add yet another Texas flair to the Montana-set series. 

The show filmed has filmed in North Texas on several occasions, including last fall, and its first spinoff, the prequel "1883," was filmed in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Taylor Sheridan, who has ties to Fort Worth, reportedly plans to write McConaughey as the star of the new series, if it happens.

And if you've watched even one season of "Yellowstone," you might see how this could play out.

John Dutton, for all his gusto and invincibility, made an enemy or two along the way. Perhaps one of those enemies - maybe even his own adopted son? - takes the matter into their own hands.

Or maybe a rattlesnake bites him on another nostalgic cattle drive.

In steps McConaughey, a moody Dutton cousin who grew up on the Montana ranch but had a mysterious falling out with John. He loves solitude, hates people (especially Beth), and lives in a cabin in Alaska.

But a distraught Kayce sways him to come back home and save the family from itself. How, you ask? And what about Rip? Is Jamie still in the picture?

You'll have to watch to find out.

And Taylor, you can send us that check in the mail.

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