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What happens to all those items that get confiscated by the TSA? Some end up in a Texas store.

Love Field and DFW Airport are two of the biggest suppliers for the State Surplus Property Storefront in Austin.

Every day, people bring items to the airport that won't pass the security checkpoint. So what happens? They're surrendered to the TSA. 

At a hidden gem in East Austin, those items may get a second chance at life.

The State Surplus Property Storefront is often referred to as "the Texas treasure trove" or "treasure chest." 

The store arranges monthly pick-ups with airports in Texas. Boxes and containers are filled with items taken at airport security.

DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field Airport are two of the store's biggest suppliers.

Kristy Fierro with State Surplus Property said Love Field gives around 200 pounds of items per month. DFW Airport easily gives three to four times that amount — 600 to 800 pounds monthly.

The items are usually heavily marked down. In some cases, a $60 knife can be found for $20.

Knives are the top items confiscated at airports, so it's the number one item the store gets. Tools are also popular, but the inventory is varied. It can be anything: Neck pillows. Children's toys. Corkscrews.

The State Surplus Store is a cost recovery program, meaning the money made from these resold items go back to support state and federal surplus Programs.

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