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Want to open a restaurant or store? Now's your chance at Trinity Groves

This time, they're looking not only for restaurants, but also for unique retail concepts.

Trinity Groves is looking for passionate entrepreneurs that want to start a new business. After years of success from the Restaurant Incubator Program, they are searching for the next big ideas.

This time, they’re looking not only for restaurants, but also for unique retail concepts.

Bob Sambol, Operations Manager of Trinity Groves, said, “You come and bring us your idea. If we like the idea, we give you 2,500 to 3,000 square feet. We put the money for the finish out. You become our partner. You get a guaranteed salary, and all we’re asking you to do is put in your sweat equity.”

Sambol said it takes the fear out of spending all your savings on a new business, but allows people to pursue their ideas. “It’s all about passion,” he said.

One of the original entrepreneurs who found success with Trinity Groves is Kate Weiser. She owns Kate Weiser Chocolate. “We’re opening up our third location,” said Weiser. She never imagined that her business would grow so quickly, and is thankful for the opportunity and support from Trinity Groves.

From making a few pieces of chocolate at home, Weiser now owns more than one chocolate factory, producing 15,000 to 18,000 bon-bons per week. She said the incubator program changed her life, and hopes other entrepreneurs will take advantage of the opportunity and apply.

To submit your idea, go here.