Editor's note: Story updated late Friday with response from Couch legal team.

After a month and a half in jail, Tonya Couch was again free to go home Friday morning. She's the mother of "affluezna teen," Ethan Couch who was convicted of killing four people in a drunk driving accident in 2013.

"Tonya, they say you didn’t pass your urine test. Can you tell us what happened?" this reporter asked. "Can you tell us what you did to land you back here in jail?" WFAA has exclusive video of her release.

She's awaiting trial for money laundering and hindering apprehension, charges directly connected to allegedly helping her son, Ethan, escape to Mexico in 2015. That was shortly after video surfaced of Ethan possibly violating his probation, which he was serving for killing four people in a drunken driving wreck.

Tonya Couch had been held without bond since March when court documents showed her urine tested positive for some sort of substance. But Thursday, Judge Wayne Salvant reinstated her bond after learning a health issue with her legal team wold postpone her trial, which was scheduled for Monday, a district attorney spokeswoman said.

But in another twist, late Friday, Couch's attorney Stephanie Patten said her team does not have any health issues and as far as they know, the trial is still on for Monday.

It was not the first time Couch had found her behavior under scrutiny. Last year, prosecutors tried to get her bond revoked after claiming she'd been seen drinking at a bar and, on a different occasion, holding a gun at a gun show.

"I think sometimes you use bad judgment," Judge Salvant said in June 2017. "There are places you just should not be."

The judge back then decided not to jail her. "The eyes of Texas are looking upon you, you understand that?" he said then.

Yes still, less than a year later, Couch did end up back in jail, telling WFAA as she walked away, that she didn't want to speak about any of it Friday.