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Carbon, Texas residents left starting from scratch amid Eastland County wildfires

Many families lost their homes due to wildfires raging in Eastland County.

CARBON, Texas — Families are left devastated, and don’t know where to go or what to do next.

Home after home, flattened by the wildfires in Eastland County.

“This is where you would walk up to my front porch,” Terry Alsabrook, who lives in Carbon, Texas, showed WFAA.

Alsabrook just lost everything in the wildfire on Thursday night.

“They just got through burying my two beagles,” said Alsabrook.

His home was one of 50 that were leveled across Carbon.

“There was no getting into Carbon,” he said.

All of his memories, gone forever.

“Some stuff I’ll never get back. All I had were my mom’s pictures. I don’t have none of that no more,” said Alsabrook.

Alsabrook and his wife were helping raise his grandchildren in their home.

“Where all those bricks, is, that was my playhouse,” said 5-year-old Carter Boyd.

Carter had to salvage his favorite belongings.

“This was my truck,” said Carter.

While Carter was sifting through his favorite toys, his grandfather sat there thinking he can’t believe he made it out alive.

Neighbors were watching out for each other, despite the raging wildfires.

There are about 275 people living along one of the blocks in Carbon. 

The family living at one of the homes grabbed their 3-month-old and ran out. They managed to escape, as well. 

Now it’s day by day, trying to figure out how to start their lives from scratch.

“I can’t do nothing, but rebuild. I’m thankful that nobody died, that’s the main thing,” said Alsabrook.

The family set up an online fundraising campaign to help with the rebuilding process.

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