Saying he was bothered that a teen rapper accused of capital murder cut off his ankle monitor and allegedly committed new crimes — all while bragging about it in a song and video — a state district judge has denied Tay-K 47’s request for bond.

State District Judge Wayne Salvant then explained his concerns that Taymor McIntyre — known in the music world as Tay-K 47 — has been "glorified" for allegedly committing heinous crimes.

Defense attorneys Jeff Kearney and Reagan Wynn had requested the hearing, asking that the judge set a reasonable bond in the capital murder case.

McIntyre was 16 when officials allege he took part in the July 2016 robbery and fatal shooting of Ethan Walker, a 21-year-old Mansfield man. He has since been certified to stand trial as an adult in the case.

Defense attorneys had argued that because McIntyre’s case had started in the juvenile system — which does not have a bail or bond system in place — he is entitled to one now under Texas law.

McIntyre's father, Kevin Beverly, and his maternal uncle, Jewral McIntyre, testified that they would assure that McIntyre followed all bond conditions if he is released from jail. Beverly stated he had made arrangements to lease a house in Fort Worth if his son is released, where his family and Jewral McIntyre, a retired military man, would live.

Jewral McIntyre testified that he is willing to move to Fort Worth from his current home in Tampa, Florida, to help supervise his nephew, now 17.

"I love what I do but I love my nephew more," the uncle testified.

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