FORT WORTH, Texas — Fort Worth's slogan is "Where the West Begins," and sometimes that frontier is right in the middle of a neighborhood.

Police officers never know what the call will be, but recently in the southwest part of the city, they had to respond to some stubborn cows.

Officer Damon Cole was called to a Fort Worth neighborhood where ranchland is located right next to new homes. When a fence broke, approximately 20 cows made it to the streets and fields in the subdivision.  

"The last thing I want is for the cattle to get out on the roadway," Cole said. "It'd tear up your car and hurt the cow."

Cole will tell you he's no cowboy, but he is pretty resourceful. He pulled out his phone to document the pursuit and the video captured some fun moments. He begged the cows to stay out of the sharp, high grass and even offered them Chick-fil-A if they'd cooperate.

"Cows are their spokesmen, so I just took that and ran with it," Cole said.

And run he did. Cole said the chase took over an hour. They were able to get most of the cows under control, but one difficult animal put up a fight. He proudly smiled with his colleagues when they were all finally corralled and the fence patched up.

"Every day's different and that's just part of being a police officer," Cole said.

Cole is well known in Fort Worth for his volunteer work visiting kids in hospitals while dressed as different superheroes. 

Now, it's proof that not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they need cowboy hats.  

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