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'Taco Truck Tammy' incident sparks protest — with mariachi music and tacos

North Texans don't need a reason to have tacos. Still, neighbors in East Dallas on Sunday said a recent viral moment marked the ideal occasion for tacos, music and understanding.

DALLAS — They didn't march, but there was mariachi. And a lot of tacos.

The Dallas chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens organized the protest on Sunday, with a heavy emphasis on food and music.

LULAC called for the gathering after a recent viral moment where an East Dallas homeowner is seen on video threatening to call immigration on operators of a taco truck.

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The 48-second video had more than 160,000 views since it was posted to YouTube on April 4.

The woman, who identified herself to WFAA as Valerie, admitted she regretted her comments seen on video.

"It was an unfortunate comment – I wish I used my words better," she told us Tuesday.

So on Sunday, a few dozen Lakewood neighbors met in the parking lot of Lakehill Prepatory School, listened to mariachi music and shared tacos, just a few blocks from where the exchange took place.

Carol Bell-Walton said the event served as good-natured response to the video exchange.

"It’s embarrassing that it happened in the neighborhood," Bell-Walton said. "When I saw that they were going to be out – I just wanted to come out and lend my support.”

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