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School substitute teacher in DeSoto treated by paramedics after attack by middle school students, district says

A viral Facebook post shows a classroom clash between multiple students and a substitute teacher, with desk chairs being thrown by both parties.

DESOTO, Texas — A substitute teacher was injured in an altercation with "several" students in a DeSoto middle school classroom on Wednesday afternoon, prompting the district to start its spring break immediately, canceling all classes for Friday, a representative with the DeSoto Independent District confirmed. 

A collection of videos and photos going viral on Facebook show a classroom clash between multiple students and the substitute teacher, with desk chairs being thrown by both parties at the other.

One of the viral photos in particular appears to show blood streaming down the substitute's face.

DeSoto police said late Wednesday that they were aware of the videos circulating on social media and were investigating the incident. 

According to one DeSoto ISD representative, the students attacked the teacher first, injuring him to the point that paramedics were called to the scene. 

The paramedics were able to treat the substitute teacher's injuries on site, the DeSoto ISD rep said.

The district refused to comment further on what sparked the incident, on whether any students were detained by law enforcement and on how, if at all, the students may be punished.

Police in their statement said there will be a "larger police presence" at the school on Thursday "to prevent any further incidents."

"The safety and security of our children is our top priority," police said.

In a statement from the school district early Thursday, officials acknowledged that students "may have witnessed and filmed an assault that took place in a classroom on a district campus."

"The district makes clear that it does not condone or tolerate the behavior that took place in the incident and that all parties will be held accountable to the full extent of the district’s ability to address the matter," the statement said.

The district statement also noted that "unauthorized filming with the school setting and posting of such content online are violations of the DeSoto ISD Student Code of Conduct which could result in disciplinary action in accordance with district guidelines."

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