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Fourth sexual assault civil lawsuit filed against Dallas real estate mogul, reality star Bill Hutchison

This is the fourth civil lawsuit filed against the Dallas socialite concerning similar allegations.
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DALLAS — Dallas real estate developer and Virgins Hotel co-owner William "Bill" Hutchinson is facing a new civil lawsuit after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman on three separate occasions over the course of two years, according to court documents.

This is the fourth civil lawsuit filed against the Dallas socialite concerning similar allegations, including supplying alcohol that led to nonconsensual touching and sex. 

In July 2021, Hutchison was arrested for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl at his home in Highland Park in May of that year. The teen accused the then 63-year-old of giving her alcohol and touching her several times without her consent, including assaulting her after she fell asleep.

Following his arrest, Hutchinson was released on a $30,000 bond. In a statement, he denied the allegations, telling the Dallas Morning News, “Anyone who knows me in this city knows that I am not capable of assault, sexual or otherwise. Hopefully, all of my colleagues and friends will give me the benefit of the doubt until I prove my innocence in court."

At least three other underage girls came forward that year accusing Hutchison of sexual assault, including rape, according to court records.

In the new lawsuit filed by an attorney representing three of Hutchinson's alleged victims, a woman, referred to as “Jane Doe 4,” said she was in her late 20s when she first met Hutchinson at an event she hosted at his home in Highland Park. Jane Doe 4 said she looked to Hutchison as a mentor. 

In 2019, the woman told Hutchison that she was looking for a new apartment, and he offered to show her one at Dunhill Apartments -- which he owns in the Design District in Dallas, according to court documents.

Ahead of meeting at the complex, Jane Doe 4 said she met Hutchison at a nearby restaurant, where he paid for alcoholic drinks. Court documents said when the two arrived at the apartment, Hutchison continued to provide Jane Doe 4 with alcohol, as they walked through the apartment.

Jane Doe 4 said at one point, Hutchison completely undressed, and she was “very taken aback as she had always been very clear with Hutchison that she did not want to have a physical relationship with him, though he constantly brought it up and had tried to pressure her before,” court documents state.

Jane Doe 4 said Hutchison forced himself on her, guided her to a bedroom, and instructed her to perform oral sex and to have sex with him. She said she wasn’t strong enough to fight him off.

Jane Doe 4's attorneys said she, “tried to put the sexual assault out of her mind. Avoidance and blocking out traumatic memories are common responses to sexual trauma.”

Sometime after the first incident, Jane Doe 4 agreed to have dinner with Hutchison in a group setting at the Virgin Hotels in Dallas. Jane Doe 4 said she remembers everyone having drinks and dinner, but she woke up in a Virgin Hotel room half-dressed with Hutchison in the room, according to the lawsuit. She said she has no memory of getting to the room and felt “like sexual activity had occurred.”

According to court documents, a similar occurrence happened in 2020, when Hutchison showed up at a restaurant when she was having dinner with friends. She said she remembered sitting at the table, then her memory goes blank. Her next memory is of Hutchinson trying to get physical with her inside his office. She said she began hysterically crying, pushed Hutchison and fled. She didn’t speak with Hutchison after that, but she said he continued to try and contact her.

The new civil lawsuit also details the assault of two other women, allegedly by Hutchison. 

Hutchison is being accused of sexual assault and battery, kidnapping and false imprisonment and negligence. 

Hutchison companies Dunhill Partners and Virgin Hotels are named for negligence, including failing to properly hire and train employees to maintain security measures, not monitoring surveillance and protocols that protected the victim’s against Hutchison. 

Aside from his social influence in Dallas and his real estate developing businesses, Hutchison is best known is the reality series 'Marrying Millions' on Lifetime.

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