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'Pirates of the Caribbean'-themed home hits market in Plano

"This is the most unique property that I've been a part of," said realtor Ryan Ward.

PLANO, Texas — A Plano home currently on the market has gone viral -- for obvious reasons.

The home at 2500 East Parker Road on the .7 acre lot at Jupiter and Parker has been turning heads because of its unique look inside and out.

"This is the most unique property that I've been a part of," said realtor Ryan Ward.

The home is modeled after "The Black Pearl" ship from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies that starred Johnny Depp. WFAA spoke with retired interior designer Julz Farley who worked on the home back in 2013. 

She spent eight to ten months getting the home to the owner's exact specifications.

"When he was first talking about it I was not sure whether to take him seriously or not. When I got to talking to him I realized he is dead serious," said Farley.

On the outside, the home is painted in a dark charcoal gray. Where you'd normally find windows you'll find fabricated cannons sticking out. The dark tones continues inside the home as most all the features have the dark gray hue to give off the impression of the insides of a ship. 

One of the first rooms you notice is the living room. It is designed to look like the body of the ship with the sails, mast and even a crow's nest which can get you from the second floor to the first floor down a pole in seconds.

"All the rope that you see is actually from a shipyard. This is real authentic rope," Farley said.

Some of the wood you'll find in the home is from old barns in Michigan. Farley distressed all the wood herself and fabricated all the bricks inside the home. The house is filled with pirate-themed accents, skulls, distressed wood and even hidden doors.

"You pull up on the sword here and give the door a good little tug and here you go," Farley demonstrated to WFAA -- and that opened up to that captain's quarters which was a spacious game room.

The home itself is 3,100 square feet. It has a pool, a sauna, a walk-in shower and more skeletons than you'd ever need.

"We've gone viral. We've had quite a bit of showings," said Ward.

They've had to weed out the people just wanting a tour, and there's a place for them at the home too. 

"When you have someone who is being naughty they can walk the dead man's plank," said Farley. Farley opened another hidden door to the outside, which had a plank of wood jetting out of the home. 

If you truly walked off the edge of the plank, you'd fall onto Parker Road.

When the city of Plano banned Airbnb residence, it took a lot of investors out of the running to the buy the home. Ward told WFAA that there was definitely some interest from investors who had visions of themed boarding.

It's only been on the market a few days and there have been a handful of showings. The home lists for $650,000 and sits on a gated secluded lot.

Ward is confident someone will cherish the uniqueness of the home or re-do the home to their liking.

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