DALLAS — If you're a parent, the last thing you ever want to do is make your child feel sad.

Foster children often get sad when they think about their biological families. 

Such is the case for 12-year-old Lola, who joined us for a trip to Candytopia in Dallas. But she's ready to find her forever family. 

There is a lot to love about Lola, starting with her super cool name.

"I love my name," she said. 

Sometimes when foster children get adopted, they change their names. Not Lola.

"I don't want to change it at all," she said. "Even if I get adopted I want to keep saying Lola."

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The name "Lola" has special meaning. Her biological mother gave her that name.

Lola still visits with her mom, even though it's painful not to go home with her.

"I'm sometimes happy," she said. "If I ... imagine my mom and how I got taken away, makes me sad."

Lola needs a forever family who will be supportive as she continues to process her grief over the loss of her biological family and being separated from her siblings.


"I want them to treat me good and make me happy," she said about an adoptive family.

After three years in foster care, Lola is ready to be adopted. 

"I really want a forever home because I don't want to be a foster kid anymore," she said.

Lola needs a family who will stick with her as she learns to trust that they will be there for her no matter what.

When asked what a family means to her, she answered without hesitation.

"A lot of things like love, care, and happiness," she said.

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Lola has only lived in one foster home.

They have given her consistency and a best friend, a dog named Major, who never leaves her side. 

"When I'm on the couch he jumps up on right beside me and we just hug each other while we watch TV," she said.

Lola is a simple child. She still likes to swing. She still jumps in excitement when she gets candy. And, like any child, given love, she'll thrive.

When asked what she wants most in the world, she answered with two words.

"A family," she said.

You must be licensed to foster or adopt in the state of Texas.

If you're already licensed, contact LaQueena Warren with CPS and she will forward your information to Lola's caseworker.

If you are not licensed, contact LaQueena and she'll help you get the process started.

You can email LaQueena at Laqueena.warren@dfps.state.tx.us or call 817-304-1272.