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Wednesday's Child: 17-year-old Angel

"I just want a family that I can come home to for Thanksgiving and for Christmas."

It's been said that life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to  it.

Today's Wednesday's Child was abused and neglected, yet she took that sadness and turned it into light and hope.

This is how.

"Doing what I love is art and I want my art to make a difference in someone else's life," said Angel. 

The 17 year-old discovered she could draw during some of the most trying times in her life.

"What really drew me is when I got separated from my family because my family rejected me, they neglected me. They hurt me," she said.

Angel recently opened up to the owner of Lone Star Tattoo, Scott Cooksey. She wants to be a tattoo artist one day. Not only did Scott let her shadow him, he listened.

"It's almost like self medicating when you can clear your mind and just run away with developing a piece of artwork," he said.

Angel began to heal in her life when she started to draw.

"It helped me feel so much better like I could express myself without anyone judging me."

Angel pays very close attention to detail. She had to learn to do this early on in life when she was in charge of her younger brothers and sisters.

"I raised my siblings. The only thing I didn't do is give birth to them."

Since entering foster care, Angel only has to worry about her own well being.

  She says her current foster care placement is helping her do this.

"Really just about preparing you to bloom. It's like getting you to know who you really are," she said.

Angel is well spoken and bright. She's also 17, inching closer to aging out of foster care at the age of 18.

"I just want a family that I can come home to for Thanksgiving and for Christmas."

Angel pictures a forever family who will always be there and accept her for who she is.

"I would feel on top of the world. Would feel like someone really loves me," she said.

You must be licensed to foster or adopt in the state of Texas.

If you're already licensed, contact LaQueena Warren with CPS and she will forward your information to Angel's caseworker.

If you are not licensed, contact LaQueena and she'll help you get the process started: Laqueena.warren@dfps.state.tx.us or 817-304-1272.