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Wednesday's Child: 12-year-old Jonah

"Reason, why I want to be adopted, is because I know there's a family out there that fits me in the best possible way that they can," Jonah says.

DALLAS — Have you ever had your world pulled out from under you?

It's what happens to every foster child.

But you would be amazed at how some of these children pick themselves back up.

But they can't do it alone.

Not even children as happy as the one you're about to meet.

"I am a person who likes to uplift people," said 12-year-old Jonah as the interview began.

Guaranteed. You haven't met a person like him.

"I have a desire to have knowledge and wisdom," he said. "The golden rule is to treat somebody the way you want to be treated and that's what I do or at least what I try to do the most," said Jonah.

This kid has moves, brains and a kick-butt personality.

"The song "Happier" by Marshmello, it's a song that I listen to in my downtime."

When Jonah found out he was going to get interviewed by WFAA for a Wednesday's Child report, he wore a suit.

"Well I felt I needed to be proper in the most way that I could," he said.

Credit: WFAA
Jonah wore a suit for this Wednesday's Child interview. He says he wanted to wear something proper.

Jonah opened up about his life, both the present and the past.

He credits God for rescuing him. 

"He's brought me through many, many things. As far as abuse before I came into CPS. He's brought me through a lot. Just a lot overall."

His Lord is the reason Jonah smiles even after four years in foster care.

"Waking me up this morning, you know what I mean? Starting me on my way. I'm in my right mind. I know who I am and I'm proud of being the person who I am."

Even in the face of challenge after challenge, Jonah continues to overcome the odds. 

"I am an honor roll student. When I'm in school, I focus. I got an award last year for being a multi-tasker."

Credit: WFAA
Jonah loves learning new things

With his head on straight, Jonah has faith the perfect family is coming.

"Reason, why I want to be adopted, is because I know there's a family out there that fits me in the best possible way that they can."

Nope. You don't meet a kid like this every day.

This is why the parents who adopt him will be one lucky family.

Jonah, may they be your fiercest protectors and your never-ending source of strength!

For more information on Jonah, please send all approved home studies to La Queena Warren at laqueena.warren@dfps.state.tx.us, if you're already licensed.

Please remember to include the child's name within the subject line. If you're not licensed, please visit adoptchildren.org to find out more information on how to become licensed to foster and/or adopt or contact LaQueena Warren at (817)-304-1272.

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