Figuring out what you want to become in life is not easy for everyone.

Which is why it's really cool when you meet an 11-year-old boy who already knows exactly what he wants to do in the future — something meaningful.

Today's Wednesday's Child wants to serve his country, and there's a reason why.

Digging in the dirt is one of Tom's favorite things to do, especially on this day.

"Rocks are like basically like a fossil," he said holding a rock at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

Tom even got to dig for fossils.

"They have forever lasting life," he said.

Tom loves being outdoors collecting and examining rocks. 

"My birthday stone is amethyst," he said.

On his 18th birthday, Tom plans to join the Army. "I want to become a soldier," he said.

After experiencing abuse and neglect, Tom wants to serve his country because he wants to protect.

"When people get hurt it makes me sad. I do not like it when people get hurt," Tom said.

Just like Tom wants to protect others in the future, he needs to have the protection of parents right now.

He described to us the kind of mom he dreams about.

"She would care for me and take care of me and take care of me when I'm sick."

He wants a dad who will play video games with him and teach him.

"A dad to help you with your homework," he said.

Tom needs someone who will help him to break through some academic challenges. He needs the gentle hand of a parent who will keep working with him until he gets it.

"Science can be really cool but it can also be really hard," Tom admitted.

Tom's caseworker says he will thrive with one-on one attention. It won't be easy, but it will be rewarding to help this child overcome barriers. Tom yearns for this.

"I want a family. A home, basically."

Tom wants to be a son. He wants to shower love and joy over a family who is willing to adopt him.

When that day arrives, this is what he'll do:

"I'll scream...and say 'Yes!!'"