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Family who received gifts from Santa’s Helpers now donates

"There's circumstances you can't control… but through the kindness and goodness of others you can get through it."

DALLAS — With their big bags of gifts, the Law family could pass for a family of Santas.

“Actually, this is less than what we’ve had in prior years,” said mom Linda. “But we’ve done what we can with what we’ve got.”

To someone out there, they’re going to feel more like a family of angels.

They unloaded three big bags of barbies, Lego sets, Star Wars gear and more—all to be donated to families who can’t afford their own gifts this Christmas season.

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“Sometimes in life things happen," Linda said. "There are circumstances that you can’t control that can have a negative impact but through the kindness and goodness of others you can get through it all."

They were excited to give their donations away because a few years back they were getting them.

“Not long ago, I was actually a recipient of Santa’s Helpers and that experience really moved me and touched my heart in a way that is indescribable,” Linda said.

Her son Noah, now 13, remembers it well.

“I was so overjoyed when I found out that I got gifts even though we couldn’t really afford them, and I want to give that feeling to others,” he said.

Santa’s Helpers, now entering its 49th year, has helped make Christmas possible for tens of thousands of North Texas families like the Laws.

Linda was a single mom when she had Noah. The two of them qualified for help. She now has four other children and, while her bank account isn’t as big as she’d like it to be, her heart is bigger than most.

“Year-round we’ll collect things," she said. "We may see something on sale or clearance and we’ll go ahead and pick that up."

Sometimes, she added, her kids will receive toys as birthday gifts that they choose to store and donate.

“If you think about it, you know the person who holds the door open for you or the elevator, or pays it forward by saying, 'You’re short 50 cents on your latte, let me cover it,'– if you focus on the positive, you’ll have a better outlook on life," she said. "And hopefully, you’ll raise children who want to give back and be good to others. I think by doing this it teaches that everybody can be good.”

“Everybody can be a Santa’s Helper."

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