DALLAS — Nine students and a bus driver were taken to the hospital after a school bus crash on westbound Interstate 30 near Loop 12 in west Dallas.

Just before 4 p.m. Thursday, a bus from Bishop Dunne Catholic School rolled over in a crash involving up to 3 other vehicles. It landed in a ditch along I-30.

A total of 11 people – 10 students and the driver – were on the bus when it rolled over. 

According to Dallas Fire-Rescue, everyone on the bus had non-life threatening injuries.

The one student who was not hospitalized was released to his or her parents at the scene of the accident. 

At least five ambulances responded to the crash.

The cause of the accident was not immediately clear, and police are currently trying to piece together what happened.

After the crash, 7 students and the driver were taken to Methodist Dallas Medical Center. The remaining students were transported to Parkland Hospital. As of Thursday night, all of the students have been released from the hospital. The driver remains in the hospital.

Outside Methodist, Bishop Dunne sophomore Pierce Weller described the crash in full detail. 

He was at the back of the bus when he says another car swiped it. 

"We skidded off to the shoulder, and that lead to us ending up in the ditch when we flipped," Weller said. 

Weller told WFAA that he held his seat tightly when the driver of the bus lost control. He also added that the bus had no seatbelts. 

"When we went off the road, everything started shaking so much that I lost my grip. We kind of flew in the air for a second or two," he said. "Hearing all the sounds of the windows shaking and the tires screeching really just made my stomach drop." 

When the dust settled, Weller tended to his classmates and helped them get to safety despite having a bloody gash over his left eye and a bruised shoulder. 

"I looked around to make sure that my friends were ok, and trying to help anybody who was pinned or hurt in any way," Weller said. 

"Me being one of the last people off the bus, I just wanted to make sure that everyone was ok and that we got off safely. It kind of made me realize that...I'm glad to be alive," Weller added. 

Bishop Edward Burns of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas visited the students and driver who were transported to Methodist.

"Thank you so much for all the prayers and the concern, everyone is doing well," Burns said outside of the emergency entrance. 

He added that the situation could have been much worse and that prayers of thanksgiving have been said over and over. 

"God sent some angels to watch over these kids," Burns said. 

Bishop Dunne Catholic School is a private middle and high school in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of southwest Dallas.

This story will be updated as we learn more.