PLANO -- Dozens of infants and toddlers pounding on drums and shakers may sound like a recipe for a migraine headache. But music therapist Gabby Banzon, MT-BC says every sound is helping mold a mind.

“They learn through observing and exploring the senses they have,” she said. “We use music to help development and growth.”

At North Texas Performing Arts in Plano, a new class starts them young. Real young.

The KinderMusik class invites parents and their children as young as newborn to clap, stomp, and sing, but the goal is not necessarily to grow the next great musician.

“It may seem like they are just running around but they are making connections in their brain,” Banzon said. “They are learning how to keep steady beats which is good for things like walking and sports.”

Niki Roberts and her 3-year-old son Ethan had never been in a class with so many kids and found it overwhelming at first. But by the end, Niki noticed her son began to start singing along.

“As a parent, you always are worried you are not doing enough for your child,” Roberts said. “I could tell by the end they were following directions very well.”

In addition to the cognitive benefits, Banzon said an early introduction to music also encourages a broader vocabulary and an increased parent-child bond because children learn through observing mom and dad.

The KinderMusik program is one of many programs and classes North Texas Performing Arts offers for children of all ages.