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Affidavit: Man breaks into Dallas Museum of Art, destroys $5 million in property

Property damaged during the break-in includes ancient artifacts, pottery and statues.

DALLAS — More than $5 million in property, including ancient artifacts, statues and pottery was destroyed after a man broke into the Dallas Museum of Art Wednesday night, police say.

The suspect, 21-year-old Brian Hernandez, was charged with criminal mischief greater than $300,000, a police affidavit states. 

Officers responded to a call about the break-in at about 10:10 p.m. Wednesday night, the arrest warrant reads. The security guard at the museum had called to tell police there was someone inside the museum at a time when there shouldn't be anyone inside. 

The glass door entrance to the museum was found shattered, and Hernandez was found sitting on a bench inside where the guard told him to stay, the document stated. 

Hernandez told officers he "got mad at his girl" so he broke into the museum and started destroying property. 

Security footage, the affidavit details, shows Hernandez throwing items on the ground inside the museum, including a laptop, and then overturning benches and destroying wooden display signs. 

In the second floor "ancient exhibit," Hernandez can be seen destroying a glass display case with a metal stool and destroying two pots, one dating back to 450 B.C. The report adds that Hernandez destroyed one statue of "Kylix Herakles and Nemeon Lion" valued at $100,000. 

Another statue of a "Batah Kuhuh Alligator Gar Fish" valued at $10,000 was also destroyed, the report detailed. 

"The items inside of the display cases that were destroyed are rare ancient artifacts that are extremely precious and one of a kind," the affidavit stated. 

The total amount of property damage is estimated to be about $5,153,000, the document states. 

Hernandez was taken to Dallas County Jail without incident, no bail has been set as of Thursday afternoon. 

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