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Organizations react to Texas judge blocking state's pre-Roe ban on abortions

After state court on Monday, a temporary restraining order has been put on a pre-Roe abortion ban in Texas. Abortions up to 6 weeks can resume for now.

DALLAS — As of Monday, abortions up to six weeks of pregnancy can temporarily resume in the state of Texas. This comes after a judge granted a temporary restraining order that blocked a complete abortion ban in Texas in place before Roe v. Wade.

"There will be at least some abortion providers that will begin providing again," said Marc Hearron, lead counsel for the Center for Reproductive Rights. "We believe it should be legal until the trigger ban does take effect."

He said the temporary restraining order is valid for 14 days. On July 12, another hearing is set for a temporary injunction. If granted, abortions up to six weeks of gestation would be allowed in Texas while the case is pending.

"We are very pleased. We are relieved," said Hearron. He said he counts every hour that women have a choice for abortion as a victory.

On the other side of the debate, Rebecca Parma, Senior Legislative Associate with Texas Right To Life, said she is not surprised by the temporary restraining order on the pre-Roe abortion ban. 

"When a pro-life law is passed, the abortion industry sues. That is the song and dance we're used to and so it's not surprising that they would try that in this situation as well," said Parma.

Parma said her organization is working to make Texas fully pro-life. 

She said, "It doesn't change women accessing birth control, emergency contraception, ectopic pregnancy care or miscarriage treatment. Those things are still allowed in Texas. They are not considered an abortion under our law."

Even after today's hearing, Texas Right to Life is asking Dallas County and Harris County district attorneys to investigate clinics that may have performed abortions over the weekend after Roe V. Wade was reversed. 

Parma said what they did was illegal before this temporary restraining order.

For now, abortions are still limited to up to six weeks of gestation. Those further along in pregnancy who want an abortion will need to seek it outside Texas. 

What happened in court on Monday is only buying some time for Texas abortion clinics until the trigger law takes effect.

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