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‘They do not work’: Deadly Dallas shootings, including at a hospital, put spotlight on lax ankle monitoring

Authorities say despite repeated violations, violent felons were not effectively tracked, resulting in three deaths. Lawmakers say it’s time to fix the system.

Rebecca Lopez, Jason Trahan

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Published: 6:45 PM CST February 3, 2023
Updated: 6:31 PM CST February 3, 2023

Three months ago, gunfire erupted inside a labor and delivery ward of a major Dallas hospital. 

A mother was holding her newborn baby when the father, a violent parolee, pulled out a handgun in their hospital room and, according to police, fatally shot two people. 

The gunman was wearing a leg monitor. So why was no one keeping an eye on him? 

Top political leaders, including Gov. Greg Abbott, have called for investigations of the state’s parolee monitoring program, and a Dallas lawmaker is pushing new legislation to prevent more violence. 

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