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In the last 8 months of 2021, Texas employers said ‘you’re hired’ 4,732,000 times

Yet, more hiring managers say they are getting 'ghosted'...meaning applicants, employees, even new hires are just not showing up.

While Texas has seen many employers quit their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, there's been a bit of an uptick in hiring of late.

In the last eight months of 2021, Texas employers hired nearly five million people. 

Even so, employers also say they have been dealing with many applicants and employees simply not showing up for their interview or their job. A human resources consulting firm called Robert Half looked at the phenomenon of ‘ghosting’ on a national scale.

Dallas employers seeing more 'ghosting'

Locally, the data shows that 46% of Dallas company executives say that compared to two years ago, ghosting is now more common for existing employees, new hires, and applicants so they can simply cut off communication.

So, what is making people ghost employers? 

The surveyors say 8% of candidates did it because the prospective employer was having everyone return to the office and that was a deal-breaker. Another 13% no-showed because they said the job "wasn’t what they expected."

Hiring managers take notice of this: 38% said they stood you up because of your poor interview process. But the real tough one for companies: 42% of the ghosters said they cut you off because they got another job offer. Employers have to move fast in this environment to hire and to retain existing employees.

Texas slips to 2nd in job quitting, rises to 1st in hiring

Texas is no longer the "quitting capital" of the country. This will help to illustrate why. We’ve been talking about how, for several months late last year, Texas had more job quitters than any other state in the U.S. 

Well, the Lone Star State slipped to second place in the quitting category for the most recent month of available data.

And Texas has taken over first place for the number of new hires. There were 643,000 people hired in Texas just in December. That’s a huge number. So is this: In the last eight months of 2021, Texas employers said ‘you’re hired’ 4,732,000 times. That’s roughly 19,717 getting the ‘welcome aboard’ handshake in Texas every day.

Just showing up for interviews nowadays might set you apart from the competition. Also, be careful when ghosting someone who is hiring. 

Sometimes that manager or boss takes it personally, and you never know when you’re going to see them (or someone they’re close to) again in another workplace.

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