Irving — At Stonegate Senior Living, employees are taking their food quality to a new level. While some residents can eat solid foods, there are others who need to eat pureed food.

But instead of scoops of mashed-potato-like items being slapped on a plate, the kitchen staff is making puree look appetizing.

On Monday, the menu included chicken, rice and cabbage. It was all cooked fresh in the kitchen.

Then, for those with the special diet, the food was blended separately and placed in molds. The blended chicken was put in a mold that looked like a piece of chicken breast. Likewise, the rice was put in a mold with grain imprints.

The molds were then put in a steamer, which helps the pureed food keep its shape.

“There is an attempt to make it take on the natural form of what it would be and that makes it more appealing,” Terri Mertz said.

Her husband lives at Stonegate Senior Living. She appreciates the extra thought and care.

"They want the residents to feel as normal as possible," Mertz said.

For several residents that require puree, it makes eating enjoyable and helps improve their overall health.