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Fort Worth ISD celebrates renovations at Arlington Heights High School; proposed school bonds could bring more improvements

A 2017 bond led to a massive renovation project at Arlington Heights High School. Voters will decide on more Fort Worth ISD improvements in the upcoming election.

FORT WORTH, Texas — It was a celebration at Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth.

Wednesday, the school community gathered for the “Rediscover Fort Worth ISD” celebration. It was an opportunity for people to tour the renovated learning spaces and new buildings at the high school.

Principal Sarah Weeks welcomed attendees in the school’s courtyard.

“Throughout its history, it’s never had this massive of a renovation,” said Weeks.

Built in 1937, the school’s Georgian architecture was maintained while modernizing buildings from within.

As students guided guests during a tour of the newly-renovated school, people were floored by the new surroundings.

Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Dr. Kent Scribner said it’s just the beginning.

“This renovation project has resulted in the modernization of a campus, where we make the old new again,” said Scribner.

The 93,000 square ft. renovation project breathed new life into the old hallways and classrooms. The school’s library was transformed into a two-story library and media center with collaborative spaces. It’s a college-like atmosphere with new technology.

Fine arts rooms at the school got a fresh modern look. Additionally, there are newly-built new science and agricultural buildings.

Stephanie Harvey, a parent, toured the newly-renovated school.

“I’m amazed at the changes,” Harvey said. “I love that they’re getting these renovations. I loved going to high school here, it was a great experience, and my kids have enjoyed every minute of it too.”

The school’s massive renovation is possible because of a 2017 bond program aimed at improving high schools across the district.

Now, more upgrades could be possible in the upcoming Nov. 2 election. The school could see more improvements if voters say yes to the Fort Worth ISD bond referendum.

The four propositions include improving the middle schools, fine arts buildings and recreational facilities in the district. The bond referendum also includes building new stadiums and a new elementary school. 

Scribner said 60% of schools in the district were built before 1960, and renovations are needed. 

“We believe that the best investment that we can make is in our students,” Scribner said. “They’re the future workforce and the future leaders in our communities are in our classrooms today.”

Students beamed with pride as they roamed the hallways of their renovated school.

School leader said the changes will give students a brighter future.


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