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Former Baylor president and renowned lawyer Ken Starr dies, funeral held in Waco

Family and friends celebrate the life of the Texas native, Ken Starr on Saturday.

WACO, Texas — Ken Star, former Baylor President and renowned American Lawyer, died on Sept. 13 and his funeral was on Saturday in Waco, a place he learned to call home.

His family, friends and colleagues often spoke of his kindness and faith throughout the two hours in the Auditorium at the Antioch Church in Waco.

One of those friends, Sen. John Cornyn, was the first to eulogize Starr on Saturday. He says it was an honor to speak about his close friend.

"He's just been a very dear friend, he's, for somebody who's so accomplished, he was one of the most generous, most humble people I've ever met," Cornyn said. "But he had a strong sense of duty and did things that frankly, lesser mortals would have given up and experienced the criticism that goes along with being in the center of controversy. "

Starr is known for his role in the investigation of Bill Clinton, and most recently defending former President Donald Trump in his impeachment case.

Starr also served as Baylor University President for six years, additionally serving as Chancellor of the school during that time

Of the many people who spoke, Cornyn says he was honored to be just one. His family lamented on his kindred spirit, commitment to service and faith but most importantly, they felt honored to be able to share his stories.

"Alice asked me to come and say a few words. I was honored to do that. There's 100,000 People they could have asked and indeed, so others did speak as well but it was such a great privilege. And I had such profound respect for Ken," Cornyn said.

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