The first arrest warrant was issued Friday as the Dallas County District Attorney's Office undergoes a large investigation into voter fraud linked to the May election in West Dallas and Grand Prairie.

According to an arrest warrant, Miguel Hernandez forged the signature of at least one voter after he collected her blank absentee ballot from her home on April 10. The voter told investigators Hernandez identified himself as Jose Rodriguez, who prosecutors say assisted dozens of voters with mail-in ballots.

The warrant for Hernandez's arrest comes after investigators sequestered 700 suspicious ballots, which led to the voter who picked him out in a lineup.

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Back in May, Sidney Williams talked with WFAA and shared a conversation he secretly recorded with a fellow campaign worker, Jose Barrientos. Williams told WFAA that Barrientos was working to steal the 2019 Grand Prairie mayoral election for his friend, school board member David Espinosa.

"We're working Grand Prairie," Barrientos says in the recording. "The mayor don't even have a f*****g clue, bro. We've got most of them already set up. So, we're going to unseat a mayor, bro. We're going to have us a town."

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Espinosa denied any involvement in such a plan and said he won't run against current Mayor Ron Jensen, who he backed in the past.

In a post on his Twitter account, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins urged voters to participate in the upcoming election.

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"Don't let the alleged bad acts of others stop you from voting in the important runoff elections," he wrote.

The investigation into fraud continues.